The goal for everyone we minister to, through BrushFires Ministries, is to help them to discover their God Given Design. This is ultimately accomplished through their personal Design Discovery Meeting (DDM learn more here).  BrushFires Ministries can do these DDM’s via a web conference or in person.  Not one is the same as another.  The culmination of the DDM is summarized in their Personal Purpose Statement.  This process is the end result of them discovering their top 4 (out of 20) Interests, top 5 (out of 32) Abilities and finally top 5 (out of 25) Values.  Once they have been determined, we then require them to drill down into the specific aspect of that particular construct (the definition of the Interest, Ability or Value) and choose the unique phrase that is at the heart of who they are.  The next step is to prioritize their chosen Values.

Once the details have been thoroughly gleaned, the Personal Purpose Statement process begins.  Each person’s statement begins with the words “I must”.  Why?  To achieve contentment, fulfillment and joy, “You must” be attending to what The Father created you to do.  Therefore, “We must” be about Our Father’s business.  We can only be fulfilled, by doing what we were created to do.  “We must” be about the agenda of Our Father.  We have no choice.  I have no other choice. “I must” !!!


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