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Thank you for your interest in the BrushFires Ministry.  What we intend to accomplish, God willing, is to help Christians embrace and pursue their personal God Given Design and thereby help to build up The Body Of Christ.  My wife Buffy and I have completed the course work to do just this and we are offering this as a ministry.

The BrushFires programs have the power to guide you, by giving you a personal life choice compass.  We call that life choice compass your God Given Personal Purpose Statement. We can uncover the personal conflicts between how you are designed and how others people’s designs conflict with yours.  BrushFires programs have the power to reveal the personal demands of how you are designed and the missing necessary pieces to accomplish your goals.  This is all accomplished through evaluating your PathMaker assessment results during your personal Design Discovery Meeting (DDM).

What Can The BrushFires Ministry Help You With?

  1. Reversing the 80 / 20 rule. Every church struggles with this rule.  80% of the work / giving / service is done by 20% of the members.  To make things worse, many of that 20% are fed up with carrying all of the load.  How do you reverse this?  The problem is not a willingness to serve.  The problem is that they don’t see others, designed like them, serving.  They don’t see how their abilities of leading, helping, communicating, counseling or administrating could be of benefit. They don’t understand how they could possibly be so important to The Body of Christ. They don’t see The Father’s plan for them.
  2. Achieving Unity In The Body Of Christ. This is something every church talks about, but always seems to elude them.  Unity is not the vision of a group of people that all agree with each other, that is what I call a Cyclops church.  Unity is not everyone doing their own thing, that is just chaos.  Unity is Diversity With Understanding!  You can achieve Unity, by understanding, embracing and protecting the diversity of The Body Of Christ.
  3. Building Up The Body Of Christ.  The Body Of Christ is not a metaphor.  The Body Of Christ is The Father’s Blueprint for His Church!  It is the only healthy model for the church.  BrushFires uses the PathMaker assessments to discover the unique God Given design of each member of The Body.  That is Godly Diversity.  PathMaker constructs establish a language that define and guide us to a better understanding of each another.  That is Godly Understanding.  For the church to fulfill its mandate, we must stimulate the members to find their place in The Body Of Christ.  BrushFires can help the leadership to understand the unique design of each member and to guide them to their God Given place in The Body.  Every BrushFires graduate has effectively filled out a job application for ministry.  I ask you now, what would that really look like? What could God accomplish through A Fully Formed Body Of Christ?
  4. Family And Relationship Conflicts.  We do not portray ourselves as family counselors, but many personal conflicts are actually unresolved matters from a lack of understanding.  The PathMaker assessments shed light on what is going on in the inside.
  5. Team Building. If you are going to start a new ministry, take on a major new initiative or try to accomplish any group effort, you need to know the following:
    • What human capital resources do you already have?
    • What are you missing in human capital to accomplish your goals?
    • How can you deal with your teams likely conflicts in their designs?
    • How can you achieve your team goals?
    • Who is best suited for each role?
  6. Ministry Succession Planning. When replacing key members in a ministry, you have to first understand what they truly bring to the organization.  That is where the DDM comes into play.  We uncover the nuanced elements that make them invaluable.  Once you have those abilities, values, temperaments and other attributes identified, then you can begin to evaluate their replacement(s) with a keen eye insuring they have what it takes to replace that valuable member.
  7. College Majors.  Why spend tens of thousands of dollars in pursuing college classes that will not satisfy you?  Why not line up your future with how God designed you?  Perhaps we can limit your debt by removing some of your options that will likely never gain you any real sense of joy or contentment.
  8. Final Third Life Choices.  Okay, you raised your kids. Check!  You built your nest egg. Check!  You were a good soldier at work.  Check!  Is that all life has to offer?  Nope!  Now that you have fulfilled duty, responsibility and obligation, now is the time for your next act!  You are now ready for something that will offer you satisfaction, joy and passion.  Let us help you narrow down your many options for you to choose from.

Perhaps it might be helpful to offer you my credentials in making the following claims to be in a position to help you.  Here they are for your review.

  1. I was saved at 12 and called back to the church when I was 28 (that is a longer story than I can tell here).
  2. I have been married to my wife Buffy for 4 decades.  That has taught me a lot about myself, relationships, raising children and family conflicts.
  3. We have both led Bible Studies, Retreats and Buffy has participated in Finance and Building Committees.
  4. I have been the Developer and Director of operations for Rennie, Lindsey and Associates for 3 decades.  This has earned me the reputation for being an honest employer, a businessman of integrity, as well as a seasoned software developer (3 different manufacturing packages), marketing executive and accomplished Business Foundations Consultant.
  5. The results of my own personal Design Discovery Meeting (DDM) revealed that I am a uniquely designed leader. I am able to reach across the gaps to those people of a creative design and bridge them with people of the system / structure design.
  6. My God Given Personal Purpose Statement is “I must strategically lead a gifted team, by helping them to embrace the power of their God Given Design, which leads to long term positive results.” I am in fact, doing what The Father has designed me to do.
  7. My DDM confirmed my commitment to implementing solutions to the challenges that I take on.  I do not accept failure and continue to work with our clients to achieve their ministry and life goals.

What Is Needed?

If you would like to have us conduct your Design Discovery Meeting (DDM), you must purchase the following PathMaker books to take the assessments. They are reasonably priced at Amazon and the links are included here for your convenience. Let me know once you have placed your order and we will get you scheduled.

Here is the link for the second book. You need both.

Click here for the instructions to take the assessments.

In Closing

The BrushFires Seminars and Leadership Training Seminar will make a difference in your ministry.  In fact, we can conduct a Design Discovery Meeting (DDM) for one of your members as a proof of concept.   Let us help you and your ministry.  Please contact us to work out the details and to schedule your BrushFires Experience.


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