Here is my journey with our nutritional cleansing food program. The highlighted Facebook posts starting on October 15, 2014 till October 22, 2015. My success through the holidays. My falling off the wagon and gaining 20 pounds in April in Cancun. A frustrating plateau starting in May and finally ending in July. My maintenance during the summer vacations and getaways. My final goal being reached safely and healthy on October 22, 2015. Doing the program part time, and falling off the wagon more then once, made it longer. That being said, October 1, 2014 I was around 235*. I am now down to 185*. Not bad for a part time effort. 50 pounds safely in a year. I am satisfied with those results.*

The official start October 15, 2014. Last time I will weigh 224.

Buffy and I started our nutritional cleansing food program this week. I will keep you all informed as to my progress and opinions. Today was day one for me. I would say first of all, I am surprised at how good the product tastes. That actually impressed me.

This is day one, so I will give it more time on the hunger suppression aspect. At different times during the day I was hungry. It was manageable for the most part. I started the day at 223.8. My goal is to get below 200 and ideally around 185. We have a 30 day deal. To be completely honest, I would say I am likely not going to be 100% pure on my diet choices. Stay tuned.*

Thanksgiving morning November 27, 2014. Down to 205.

Bam! 205.0 today! I met my goal and now I will likely partially blow it, but once I have hit the number, it is much easier to reach it again and surpass it. I am off to play RB with some friends, so that will help. All that said, I do intend to enjoy myself till Monday morning. Be well.*

New Years restart January 8, 2015. Start the new year at 203.

Yesterday was our first cleanse day for the new year. It is work, but the results are worth it. I woke up today at 203.8. I am less then 4 pounds from Onederland. Understand what I am saying, I weigh less then I did BEFORE Thanksgiving. All the food, wine and parties and I weigh less. We basically just went into maintenance mode for the last two weeks and this is our first real week back at it. This program works, even though I only played RB once this week.*

Finally getting below 200 January 22, 2015.

199.6, ONEDERLAND ACHIEVED! — Next and final goal… 185.

Yes, I have drank the Kool-Aid and am now a full blown fan of this super food product. You gotta get you some. Out.*

My pre-Cancun vacation weight of 194 on March 27, 2015

By the way, I was at 194.2 yesterday. So, this weekend of diet cheating, is well earned. Love you.*

Coming back from Cancun nearly 20 pounds heavier on April 16, 2015

Okay, I am down 9 pounds since this Tuesday morning. I started today at 203. I put on nearly 20 pounds in the 10 days we were off. Yes, that is not a typo. I even surprised myself on how much weight I added.

The trip with our friends was great. We had a lot of laughs and I really got to know Ed and Heather more this way. We left the trip being closer friends and I am grateful for that too. I have a RB tourne to play in tonight and another one on Monday night. I have some work to do to get below 200 again. Amazing trip and no regrets. I am half way back to were I was, so more work to do.*

Back below 200 again April 29, 2015

I finally got below 200 today, after my vacation in Mexico. Getting back to our nutritional food program, exercise and a cold last weekend got me back to this point. I start today at 199.8. It is an important milestone for me, but I still have 6 pounds to get back to where I was and 15 pounds to where I want to stop at. This is a good milestone to get to, but not stop at.*

My frustrating plateau in May, June and July 2015. Hands full of peanuts were the culprit.

If you were wondering, yes we are still working on the weight loss. Buffy got back to her pre-vacation weight, me not so much. I have plateaued at the 199 / 200 number for about 3 weeks. My muscle tone is good and I am still playing RB and cleansing on Wednesdays. This is something that happens on all programs and I just need to be patient.*

Getting close to my pre-Cancun weight July 30, 2015. Down to 197.

After my cleanse day, I am down to 197.4. 2.5 pounds in a day without any aerobic exercise. I will take that. I am just 3 pounds away from my all time low and just 12 pounds away from my final goal weight.

I have a doctors appointment later on today. It is just a general physical to see where I am on the inside. With my body fat down to the lean area of 20.2, I am expecting good results with this physical. Have a great day everyone!*

Getting below 190 September 24, 2015 after summer vacations.

Guess who starts their day at 188? Okay you are right, it’s me. I am only 3 pounds from my goal weight and I lost another pound and a half this week. This means I will reach my goal weight by mid October and long before my Body Challenge is over. I am feeling the best I have in decades. I also get to play racquetball tonight in A singles league. This day is really starting out great. Be well.*

Hitting my goal weight October 22, 2015.

Today is a milestone day for me. It is a day that some of you have waited for, nearly as long as I have. I hit my goal weight! I start the day at 185.4. This is the last time I will post my weight as a motivation for me to reach that goal. The only exception is if I fall off the wagon and I need to once again publicly shame myself into working hard to lose the weight again. I am officially now in maintenance mode. My motivation now is to get those abs in the picture looking like my friend Jeff’s abs. I am going to see him in a month, so I have little time to accomplish that. For now though, I ask you all to celebrate with me in finally reaching 185. Thank you all for your patience and for your encouragement along the way. Be well.*

If you want to research our product on our secret FB group, then let me know. Whether you need to lose weight, need more energy or just want to feel physically better PM Buffy Rennie or me for more info. If this article can be helpful to someone you know, feel free to share it with them or suggest them to me as a friend. Be well.


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