On my living room wall, there is a simple wooden sign, with the inscription of “I’m Yer Huckleberry!” from the movie Tombstone.  In the movie, Doc Holiday steps in place for his friend Wyatt Earp.  His friendship for Wyatt meant more to him then his own life.  At the end of the final scene (see below), Wyatt looks at Doc with amazement.  He knew that Johnny Ringo would have likely killed him and Doc got off his death bed to fight in his place.  This is one of my favorite movies and speaks about relationship with family and especially friends, like Doc.

The sign was a birthday gift from our friend  LaChelle Lancto Koester.  Gift giving is her love language (mine is words of affirmation) and she bought that for me.  She used her love language and spoke to me in my love language.  She is probably tired of hearing how special it is to me, but it is.  Today in my devotional reading, it asked me to think of our most precious physical possessions, and that simple sign was the first thing that came to mind.  It is placed on the wall, opposite of where I sit.  I glance at it frequently, almost every day.

The gift is precious to me for a number of reasons.  Relationships are very important to me, and this sign represents a movie about character, integrity and friendships.  The fact that a friend of mine, understood me well enough to know I would love that sign, is truly precious to me.  Loyalty, fidelity, honesty are character traits that I hold high.  The people I call friends, display these same traits.  I don’t give my friendship out easily, because most people are not willing to be that open, honest and faithful.  Those that have hurt me the most, are the ones that I had trusted with my love and friendship and they broke that trust.

Who do you surround yourself with?  Are they simply mindless people that are spending their life foolishly?  Are they challenging you to be a better person?  Will they step in your place, like Doc did?  Will they step up to you, when you are doing something to hurt yourself or those that you love?  That is what love is!  That is what a friend does!  Is that you?

Please take the time to inventory who you spend most of your free time with.  If these people are not building you up, then they are holding you back.  If they are not holding you back, then they are pulling you down.  Surround yourself with people that have the honorable character traits that you want to embrace, employ and embody.  Do it for yourself and for your legacy.  Do it today.

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