It’s been going on for so long!
Her pain is gut wrenching
and there is no end in sight.
Wave upon wave she suffers through.
Her strength is giving out.
I see it in her face.
Tears stream from my eyes
like her sweat soaked bed.
Somehow she endures,
clinging to life.
The life she dreamed of.
The life she wanted to share with me.
She is so brave,
but I am not.
She says it was all worth it,
but I don’t see how.
Finally it is over.
Finally she is at peace.
Finally the doctor leaves.
Finally my wife hands me our son.

Pain does that to us.
It blinds us to our good God.
It robs us of hope.
It causes us to focus on it
and to lose focus of everything else.
Pain is not always the end,
but just part of the journey.
With God as our companion,
we can endure the journey with hope.
Choose today who you will follow,
but for me and my family,
we will follow the Lord.

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