It has been a while since I wrote something, that I could share with you all, that I feel is worthy of sharing.   I woke up last night around 1:30 and these words came to me.  I then spent the next 3 hours wrestling them to the page.  I guess it takes true pain for me to write something worthy.  I have tagged a few of you, not because you are the source of any pain.  The people I have tagged are those that have showed an interest in my poetry in the past or I am  inviting their editorial opinions.  Thank you all.

Safe I’m Not

No friend would ask me
To shame myself and bare it.
So know friend I ask
Take my burden and share it.

No friend requires me
hurt another to prove love.
So know friend  beware
Foremost I serve Him above.

No friend could standby
witness her tears and hear her.
So know friend I’m true
to the man in the mirror,

No friend is above
to what we both know is truth.
So know friend your talk
conceals but your walk is proof.

No friend abandons
broken brothers in distress.
So know friend for me
integrity’s my mistress.

No friend who is true
gives assurance to my face.
So know friend I know
It’s no longer a safe place.

Once again I’m here
I’m putting my pain to pen.
Begin again and
see new wisdom to open.

Once again I look
for the answers he’ll reveal.
Begin again and
trusting Him that I will heal.

Once again  knowing
my future is in His hand.
Begin again I’ll
get up from my knees and stand.

Once again I’m freed
no longer a slave to fear.
Begin again to
trust and waiting for Him here.

Once again I know
I will serve my one true friend.
Begin again in
Him who’s beginning and end.

Once again I rise
no victim of what’s within.
Begin again I’m
freed of our mutual sin.

Thanks go out to friends
that have helped to inspire this.
And to the true friends
that have walked with me through this.
You decide what friends
that your mirror exposes.

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This is me reading Safe I’m Not in the final of my first poetry slam.  Sorry the video is not that great.