The title might have caught your eye, but I have a point to make today.  This is not going to be a poem or an allegorical story.  Today I am writing you more of a warning.  An admonishment of sorts to you and to myself.  Perhaps we can call it a loving rant.

A friend from high school passed away this weekend.  We were not very close, but when I read what others had posted on her Facebook wall, I learned what a beautiful woman Suzann McAdory is.  I was pleased to see that one of her last posts on her wall, she shared one of my posts.  It made me smile to think I added a little beauty into her life.  I read about those that she had helped.  I read about those that she loved.  I read about those that expressed love to her.  They are all fine tributes, but I hope they had been expressed to Suzann, while she was still among us.

I am not saying this to criticize anyone.  I am just wondering out loud.  Why do we wait, until it is to late, to tell people we love them?  Why will we pay for an airline ticket, hotel and travel to a funeral, but we don’t pick up the phone?  Why will we shed tears of grief at their parting, but not shed tears of joy in letting them know how much we love them today?  Why do we wait?

This just seems wrong to me and perhaps a fundamental flaw in our culture, in our churches and in our lives.  Why does a perceived wrong or failure, out weigh a life time of character and love?  Why does being uncomfortable in speaking, out weigh the need for us to express love  and to be loved?  Why do we wait?

The Bible says there is more in life to be learned in the house of mourning then in the house of partying (JR paraphrased version).  I believe this is true.  When we are faced with our own short lifespans, it causes us to reevaluate our own lives.  I don’t want people to wonder if I love them.  I want them to know I love them.  I don’t want those I love, to be separated from me, due to un-forgiveness.  I want reconciliation.  I don’t want regrets after it is to late.  I want to enjoy our fellowship here on earth and even more in heaven.

So, make sure your loved ones know that they are loved.  I will try to do that for you.  Just so you know it now, I love you.  Be well.

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