The Mission of BrushFires Ministry

To ignite the intimate understanding of God’s unique plan and agenda in the heart of every Disciple of Jesus Christ, which will bring fulfillment, joy and purpose.  Each Disciple will know God more passionately while making a difference in daily interactions in the world around them, while learning to embrace their God Given Design.

 Accomplish the mission statement by:

  • Providing comprehensive classes in learning how each person processes information and relates with the people around them.
  • Provide assessments to discover their Temperaments, Impact Style, and what their Motivated Role is
  • Provide a Spiritual Gifting assessment
  • Facilitate a Design Discovery Meeting; which enables an individual, with the help of a BrushFires leader, to discover their Divine Design
  • Provide ongoing training through support groups:  “Man on Fire”, and “Women on Fire”


My wife and I have put together this informational video about the BrushFires Ministry. Please subscribe to our channel, comment on it and like the video, so that YouTube promotes it further. I am no pro at this, but my heart is really in it. Please forward this video to your friends that would benefit from the course. Be well and let me know what you think.


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This Video Can Answer Many Of Your Questions About BrushFires