I had no idea how much we would be blessed by pursuing the BrushFires Ministry.  Time and time again we have seen God work through the BrushFires Course and their Design Discovery Meeting (DDM).  For many people, and their families, this process has revealed for all to see who they really are.  For the first time, they are truly seen as God designed them to be.  One of the reasons we strongly encourage them to have a close friend or family member in attendance during the DDM, is to independently reassure them that is how they see them too.  The DDM gives words and meaning to what their family and friends always knew about them, but could not adequately express.  They are seen for who God created them to be and they are beautiful.

Within those meetings, we have had many opportunities to show them the hope that is within them pursuing their design.  Many tears, many thank yous and many times I have walked away exhausted by the unexpected emotional toll it has personally taken on me.  I am not sure exactly what that is about, but the process often leaves me wiped out and yet very content that we have been part of a real blessing.


Sam’s BrushFires Testimony



I thought you might want to read a few of the testimonies that have been shared with us.


“My heart is to help the broken, those affected by addiction and or life’s trials, to come to an understanding of the power and love of Christ.  I was able to discover my following Personal Purpose Statement as part of the BrushFires Course.  ‘I must impact others by helping them come to terms with their life experiences, through a structured organization, by reassuring them with patience and empathy.’   The course breaks down different traits and allows you to discover your design. It was nice to have it presented in a group setting, then be able to discover my Purpose Statement in a private Design Discovery Meeting (DDM).  I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to grow as a Believer.” Deb S.

“I am approaching retirement and became concerned about the next chapter of my life (Final Third Life Choices).  Through BrushFires Ministries I finally discovered my Life’s Purpose (God Given Personal Purpose Statement).  I can now continue my journey knowing how I am to use my special skills and gifts to bring God glory and achieve personal fulfillment.”  Jackie M.

“Just wanted to jot you this quick note to let you know how much I appreciated you taking the time, passion and care with me.  It gave me incredible insight and really illuminated things I didn’t understand. Most of all the way you two work together and minister is really cool!  And a blessing!  Thanks again!”  Pastor B.

“Thank you for all the time you spent with us helping us to discover our life purpose.  Who knows where it will all lead to.”  Paul M.

“Thank you for BrushFires and all you do!  Many, many blessings.” Ruth T.

Thank you for the gift and passion you bring to the Body of Christ.  These things usually grow through wilderness experiences in our life, acknowledging the difficult road that led you to this wonderful ministry.”  Pastor O.

“I feel so blessed to have been able to attend BrushFires.  I can never thank you and Buffy enough for taking the time you do with so many people.  That blesses lives.  You and Buffy are truly in your calling.  Thank you for giving me the tools to have a closer relationship with people and God.”  Kim M.

“God is good!!! Vision and Purpose are His Fruits of His Spirit.  Thanks for being a part of it.  Big things are happening.  Prayers and blessings.”  Mike G.

“Thank you man.  It was really eye opening.  I didn’t realize how much I teach and enjoy teaching. I  think your class is great man.  Thank you.”  Allen Z.

“God is Awesome how He is using you two to bless and change the lives of His precious flock!!!”  Tina G.


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