The Mission of BrushFires Ministry

To ignite the intimate understanding of God’s unique plan and agenda in the heart of every Disciple of Jesus Christ, which will bring fulfillment, joy and purpose.  Each Disciple will know God more passionately while making a difference in daily interactions in the world around them, while learning to embrace their God Given Design.

 Accomplish the mission statement by:

  • Providing comprehensive classes in learning how each person processes information and relates with the people around them
  • Provide assessments to discover their Temperaments, Impact Style, and what their Motivated Role is
  • Provide a Spiritual Gifting assessment
  • Facilitate a Design Discovery Meeting; which enables an individual, with the help of a BrushFires leader, to discover their Divine Design
  • Provide ongoing training through support groups:  “Man on Fire”, and “Women on Fire”


Thank you for your interest in the BrushFires Ministry.  All of our private and ministry services begin with your personal Design Discovery Meeting (DDM learn more here).  The DDM basically looks at the entire PathMaker assessment; motivated role, impact style, and temperaments. From that we can share how you will work most effectively with others as well as the potential conflict areas of your design. We also dig deeper into your interests, values and abilities. We summarize it into one meaningful interpretation of Who You Are Created To Be. At the end of that process we create what’s called a God Given Personal Purpose Statement.  It is a breakdown of your values and abilities into one sentence. It is who you are created to be. We use the assessments just to get the basics of your design.  We have gone through extensive training to do this. This service is the foundation for all future services from BrushFires Ministry.  Your DDM is conducted in person (for local clients only) or via our web conferencing tools.

Private Consulting Services

All private consulting services require you to have a DDM done in advance of scheduling.

  1. Reversing the 80 / 20 rule. Every church struggles with this rule.  80% of the work / giving / service is done by 20% of the members.  To make things worse, many of that 20% are fed up with carrying all of the load.  How do you reverse this?  The problem is not a willingness to serve.  The problem is that they don’t see others,designed like them, serving.  They don’t see how their abilities of leading, helping, communicating, counseling or administrating could be of benefit. They don’t understand how they could possibly be so important to The Body of Christ. They don’t see The Father’s plan for them.
  2. Achieving Unity In The Body Of Christ. This is something every church talks about, but always seems to elude them.  Unity is not the vision of a group of people that all agree with each other, that is what I call a Cyclops church.  Unity is not everyone doing their own thing, that is just chaos.  Unity is Diversity With Understanding!  You can achieve Unity, by understanding, embracing and protecting the diversity of The Body Of Christ.
  3. Building Up The Body Of Christ.  The Body Of Christ is not a metaphor.  The Body Of Christ is The Father’s Blueprint for His Church! It is the only healthy model for the church.  BrushFires uses the PathMaker assessments to discover the unique God Given design of each member of The Body.  That is Godly Diversity.  PathMaker constructs establish a language that define and guide us to a better understanding of each another.  That is Godly Understanding.  For the church to fulfill its mandate, we must stimulate the members to find their place in The Body Of Christ.  BrushFires can help the leadership to understand the unique design of each member and to guide them to their God Given place in The Body.  Every BrushFires graduate has effectively filled out a job application for ministry.  I ask you now, what would that really look like? What could God accomplish through A Fully Formed Body Of Christ?
  4. Family And Relationship Conflicts.  We do not portray ourselves as family counselors, but many personal conflicts are actually just unresolved matters from a lack of understanding.  The PathMaker assessments shed light on what is going on in the inside.
  5. Team Building. If you are going to start a new ministry, take on a major new initiative or try to accomplish any group effort, you need to know the following:
    • What human capital resources do you already have?
    • What are you missing in human capital to accomplish your goals?
    • How can you deal with your teams likely conflicts in their designs?
    • How can you achieve your team goals?
    • Who is best suited for each role?
  6. Ministry Succession Planning. When replacing key members in an ministry, you have to first understand what they truly bring to the organization.  That is where the DDM comes into play.  We uncover the nuanced elements that make them invaluable.  Once you have those abilities, values, temperaments and other attributes identified, then you can begin to evaluate their replacement(s) with a keen eye to insuring they have what it takes to replace that valuable member.
  7. College Majors.  Why spend tens of thousands of dollars in pursuing college classes that will not satisfy you?  Why not line up your future with how God designed you?  Perhaps we can limit your debt by removing some of your options that will likely never gain you any real sense of joy or contentment.
  8. Final Third Life Choices.  Okay, you raised your kids. Check!  You built your nest egg. Check!  You were a good soldier at work.  Check!  Is that all life has to offer?  Nope!  Now that you have fulfilled duty, responsibility and obligation, now is the time for your next act!  You are now ready for something that will offer you satisfaction, joy and passion.  Let us help you narrow down your many options for you to choose from.

Ministry Services

Ministry services are conducted for larger groups or ministries (minimum of 5 attendees).  This training can be done either on site or via our web conferencing tools.  Each member of the group must have completed their DDM prior to requesting these services.  It can include many of the private services above, but also can include greater detailed instructions on the following topics.

  1. Motivated Role – The Motivated Role reveals what will motivate you to get involved in a group effort (complimentary construct).  It can also reveal at what point you are no longer motivated to invest your energies.  It is often also a clear indicator of how other’s motivated role will cause you conflict and friction.  Here is a LinkedIn article that discusses the Motivated Role further.  Motivated Role Article
  2. Impact Style – The Impact Style reveals how you are designed to influence a group effort (complimentary construct).  It can also reveal that there are others that have conflicting Impact Styles that really rub you the wrong way.  It is often also a clear indicator of possible tweaks.  Tweaks can show up as the following negative behaviors; passive aggressive, manipulation, obsessive restrictive or obsessive compulsive.  Here is a LinkedIn article that discusses the Impact Style further.  Impact Style Article
  3. Temperaments – The Temperaments reveal how you are designed to think (compatibility construct).  It can also reveal why you just cannot understand where certain people are coming from.  You will find that many of your friends have similar Temperament designs as you do (birds of a feather).  Here is a LinkedIn article that discusses the Temperaments further.  Temperaments Article
  4. Interests, Abilities  & Values – The Interests, Abilities and Values are where we identify what areas you need to gravitate towards, how you will participate and why it is so very, very important for you to pursue them.  This is where we get your God Given Personal Purpose Statement.  It is your personal life choice compass and is really a priceless gift for you to embrace.

On Site Seminars

  1. BrushFires Seminar – This is a two full day event conducted for larger groups at your facility.  We cover the entire BrushFires course materials and conduct one live DDM.  Call for more details.  The following areas are covered in this seminar
    • Identity – All believers are adopted sons and daughters of The Most High God
      i. The enemy will not give you 10 seconds of peace
      ii. How do you identify yourself? Father, husband, Business man…
      iii.The Father has heroic work for you to do. Your design, guided & empowered by The Father, can accomplish heroic things. Be the hero The Father designed you to be
    • Purpose / Significance – Jesus died to make us dangerous to the schemes of the enemy
      i.  Intro of PathMaker terms to understand our God Given Design, hammer, wrench…
      ii. Motivated Role definitions discussed
      iii. Getting to heaven was not the primary purpose of Christ coming to earth.  The whole point of forgiving and cleansing us is so we can become the dwelling place and workshop of The Holy Spirit to operate in us and through us.
      iv.Loving ourselves, for God’s sake means that we embrace our God Given Design & live a life that causes others to seek out The Father. Using our God Given Gifts for God’s sake!
    • Service – The intentional design of The Body & necessity of all members doing their part
      i.  Motivated Role Panel Exercise – PathMaker design in action
      ii. Impact Style definitions discussed
      iii.Tweaks of your Impact Style and how the enemy hurts us through our Impact Style.
      iv.Asking what is the will of The Father for our lives is an important question, but it should not be the first question. The first question should be: What is the will of The Father? Period
    • Worship & Praise – The Expression of Love through Experiencing Joy
      i.  Temperaments discussed – How we focus, gather, evaluate & make decisions
      ii.  Love unexpressed is love un-enjoyed; and our worship of God deepens and enriches our intimacy with Him.  We become stronger and healthier in spirit, which is why we are called to be a worshipping people.
      iii. CS Lewis said, We delight to praise what we enjoy because the praise not merely expresses, but COMPLETES the enjoyment. It is it’s appointed consummation
      iv. I want to challenge each of us to look at the most important human relationships we are involved with as our personal investment in them becoming all The Father wants them to become.
    • Orphan Child Identity OCI – We are Spiritual creatures, trapped in a physical body. All quotes are from the book The Business of Honor by Bob Hasson and Danny Silk.
      i.  It’s false beliefs that the enemy pulls on to influence, discourage or hurt us
      ii. The OCI is what we all are naturally born with. At some point we all feel like lost characters in a novel, trying to figure out who we are, what kind of story we’re in & where the Author (if there even is one) is heading with it all.  And as we grope around in spiritual darkness, we all end up believing things about ourselves, other people, the world and God that feel true, but aren’t.  We embrace false identities and narratives about reality.
      iii. Shame, mistrust, powerlessness & poverty have a common motivator: fear.  Fear is the dominant, driving force in the OCI. It’s also the enemy of love.
      iv. Did you know that in the Roman culture, which Paul was part of and was intentionally inferring here, that you could disown a natural born child, but that you could never disown an adopted child?
    • Participatory Listening – Conversation that requires us to put aside our Agendas
      i.  Asking questions, so they have an opportunity to really hear themselves & discover their own answers
      ii.  Who, what, where, when and how. Never Why?  Why puts me on the defense and requires me to ‘justify’ my decision, position or conclusions.
      iii.  Participatory Listening exercises to learn the technique and to practice the skill
    • Live Design Discovery Meeting (DDM)
    • Spiritual Gifts Test – Compare the Spiritual Gifts Test with your DDM
  2. BrushFires Leadership Training Seminar – This is a two half day event conducted for ministry leadership groups at your facility.  We cover most of the BrushFires Seminar course materials and conduct one live DDM.  The primary difference is that we cover the materials so that leaders can understand and apply the constructs in their own ministry.  Call for more details.

All of the above training can be conducted for an individual or group.  Each member must have completed their DDM prior to requesting these services.  Ministry / group discounts are available (minimum of 5 attendees).

Payment Options

All services are paid for in advance.  Each consultation runs an hour in length. You will need to setup a free Venmo / Paypal account.  Here is the link to setup your secure payment with Venmo. Venmo Link  This link just establishes your account.  We will send you a separate bill for the services you choose.  If you use a checking account or debit card, the Venmo service is currently free.  If you use a credit card, they will charge you a transaction fee.  Please contact us for a list of our consulting fees.

In Closing

The BrushFires Seminars and Leadership Training Seminar will make a difference in your ministry.  In fact, we can conduct a Design Discovery Meeting (DDM) for one of your members as a proof of concept.   Let us help you and your ministry.  Please contact us to work out the details and to schedule your BrushFires Experience.


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