Thank you for your interest in Real Living Assessments.  This is the one tool that you can use to begin to unlock some of your most confusing, most confounding and most complicated life choices that you are facing.  Okay, take a breath, I realize I just promised a lot, but hear me out.  These assessments have the power to guide you, by giving you a personal life choice compass. They can reveal the personal conflicts between how you are designed and how others people’s designs conflict with yours.  They have the power to reveal the personal demands of how you are designed and the missing necessary pieces to accomplish your goals.  This is all accomplished through evaluating your Real Living Assessments results during your personal Design Discovery Meeting (DDM).

What Can Real Living Assessments Help You With?

  1. Family And Relationship Conflicts.  We do not portray ourselves as family counselors, but many personal conflicts are actually just unresolved matters from a lack of understanding.  Real Living Assessments sheds light on what is going on in the inside.
  2. Team Building. If you are going to start a new business, take on a major new initiative or try to accomplish any group effort, you need to know the following:
    • What human capital resources do you already have?
    • What are you missing in human capital to accomplish your goals?
    • How can you deal with your teams likely conflicts in their designs?
    • How can you achieve your team goals?
    • Who is best suited for each role?
  3. Business Succession Planning. When replacing key members in an organization, you have to first understand what they truly bring to the organization.  That is where the DDM comes into play.  We uncover the nuanced elements that make them invaluable.  Once you have those abilities, values, temperaments and other attributes identified, then you can begin to evaluate their replacement(s) with a keen eye to insuring they have what it takes to replace that valuable member.
  4. College Majors.  Why spend tens of thousands of dollars in pursuing college classes that will not satisfy you?  Why not line up your future with how you are designed?  Perhaps we can limit your debt by removing some of your options that will likely never gain you any real sense of happiness or satisfaction.
  5. Final Third Life Choices.  Okay, you raised your kids. Check!  You built your nest egg. Check!  You were a good soldier at work.  Check!  Is that all life has to offer?  Nope!  Now that you have fulfilled duty, responsibility and obligation, now is the time for your next act!  You are now ready for something that will offer you satisfaction, joy and passion.  Let us help you narrow down your many options for you to choose from.

Perhaps it might be helpful to offer you my credentials in making the following claims to be in a position to help you.  Here they are for your review.

  1. I have been married to my wife Buffy for 4 decades.  That has taught me a lot about myself, relationships, raising children and family conflicts.
  2. I have been the Developer and Director of operations for Rennie, Lindsey and Associates for 3 decades.  This has earned me the reputation for being an honest employer, a businessman of integrity, as well as a seasoned software developer (3 different manufacturing packages), marketing executive and accomplished Business Foundations Consultant.
  3. The results of my own personal Design Discovery Meeting (DDM) revealed that I am a uniquely designed leader. I am able to reach across the gaps to those people with a creative design and bridge them with people with the system / structure design.
  4. My Personal Purpose Statement is “I must strategically lead a gifted team, by helping them to embrace the power of their God Given Design, which leads to long term positive results.” I am in fact, doing what I have been designed to do.
  5. My DDM confirmed my commitment to implementing solutions to the challenges that I take on.  I do not accept failure and continue to work with our clients to achieve their business and life goals.


What Is Needed?

If you would like to have us conduct your Design Discovery Meeting (DDM), you must purchase the following PathMaker books to take the assessments. They are reasonably priced at Amazon and the links are included here for your convenience. Let me know once you have placed your order and we will get you scheduled.

Here is the link for the second book. You need both.

Click here for the instructions to take the assessments.


In Closing

Our program is simple and extremely cost effective, compared to the cost of lost relationships, poor business hires, wasted college tuition and the general dissatisfaction that many people seem to settle for in life.  For corporate clients we can conduct a Design Discovery Meeting (DDM) for one of your members as a proof of concept.   Let us help you.  What have you got to lose?  Please contact us for a list of our consulting fees and to schedule your DDM.