If you read yesterday’s post, you know that I am trying to “Feed The Spirit” by having more quiet time with God.  I pondered on this idea of how to quiet the things that occupy my time, my attention and my priorities.  The idea of “Fasting The Soul” came to mind.  My flesh immediately started naming things that I obsess on and spend too much time on.  Then my soul quickly created a list of things that I could cut back on, do without and abstain from.  That is when my spirit shouted out “STOP!  YOU ARE DOING IT AGAIN!”  Just that quickly legalism crept in and started to take over.  My flesh and soul conspired against my spirit, once again.

So I then pondered some more.  I reasoned that these things do take a lot of my attention, and when you complicate it by multi-tasking, there is no way God can speak to me.  There is no way I could hear Him if He did speak to me.  The thought then came to me that it was not the events themselves that were the problem, it was the obsessing about it that was the problem.  Anxiousness, worrying, fretting and obsessing were the real time / joy wasters.  The need to stick to a time table (of my making), the priorities I place on things and control I demand is the real problem.  They are idols, of my own making, that I served daily.

If I was able to work, play or eat without those other things in the way, I would be able to hear God throughout my day, instead of eking out a few minutes for Him here and there.  These things I fill my life with are not the problem.  The problem is that I elevate them above my need for fellowship with God, my listening to God and my ready obedience to God’s prompting.  The problem once again is me.  All of these things need to be made subject to God’s priorities, direction and agenda.

So, what is a multi-tasking, type A, born to lead kind of guy to do?  He listens to God, because this revelation is not of my own creation.  This is God telling me something.  He knows I naturally don’t want to do it and He is  patiently waiting for me to willfully obey.

I then started my day with that mind set.  What I can deal with now, I dealt with.  Things outside of my control belong to God.  I went about my day living in the present and not fretting about what is done or being anxious for what has not happened.  Those things belong to God.  I went about my day being present, listening for the voice of my Lord and becoming what He intends.  I found the time to accomplish what needed to be done, I enjoyed what I was doing and I was at peace in the midst of my day.  After 57 years on this earth, apparently I am trainable.

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