Thank you for your interest in the BrushFires Ministry.  This page will allow you to review and retake the Design Discovery Meeting class in our BrushFires Course.  This is the right place if you are attending a Zoom session or attempting to makeup the BrushFires Course class you have missed. To get credit for the class, so that we can schedule your personal Design Discovery Meeting (DDM learn more here),  you will need to answer the 10 questions for the class.  You can either print out the attached Class Homework PDF File Link (below) or click on the Class Homework Web Link (below) and answer the questions.  The answer for the essay question must be at least 50 words.  Once you have answered the questions, please forward your test results to the class administrator (this is done for you if you do the Web Link).


BrushFires Zoom Link

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Zoom Meeting ID: 661 269 0174
Zoom Meeting Password: BrushFires

BrushFires Class Homework PDF File

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BrushFires Class Powerpoint Presentation

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BrushFires Class Homework Web Link

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