Jenn 2015This was written back in 2015.

Those of you who really know me,have likely figured out that I am a ‘bit of a romanticist’. Well, maybe more than a bit. Last night we saw Vince Gill perform at The Festival at Sandpoint. He had his grown daughter singing backup. She was a year beyond having a child, Vince’s first grandchild. Now I have always loved his voice, but he is also an amazing guitarist. During a number of his songs last night he just wailed on the guitar. Truly impressive.

Now this article is not about guitar playing. While he went off on his guitar solos, my eyes were drawn to his daughter. Her eyes never moved from watching Vince’s hands playing. She just stood there, transfixed by watching a guitar master at work. Oh, and that man was her Daddy. She stood there and swayed and stared at his hands… smiling.

It struck me that she has likely been doing that all of her life. As a little girl, watching her Daddy play the guitar. Sitting on the floor watching him play for her. How many memories was she reliving, right in front of us, on stage? I thought of my friend Doub Pearce, another great guitarist, and his daughters Molly Pearce Hazel and Catie Heim. I have watched them do that exact same thing. Daughters watching their Daddy, do whatever they do. Watching their first love. I see that look in my daughter Jenn Keyes’s eyes. That look that says, that’s my Daddy. I am no guitarist, but that look of love is there none the less.

Men, we should always be our daughters first love. We should take great care to insure they know that they are loved and deserving to be loved. We should establish, with certainty in their minds, how they should be treated by a man. We need to raise them in love, so when they grow up, they will seek out men that will love them and treat them as we know they should be treated.

Whether it is Jaimie Paul, watching Pastor JO doing his thing or Christy Parsons watching her Father Myron Hawthorne teach or fix something around the house. I have seen that look in Daughter’s eyes and each Father out there should strive to see it in your Daughter’s eyes. Go hug your daughter and let her know how much you love her and how proud you are of her. I love you DeeDee McFeedy.

Be well and be good to one another.