This is a public service message from JR to his female horsey friends. If your man is not horse 🏇  crazy like you, but he agrees to go riding with you, here are things NOT TO DO and things to definitely DO. This is the accumulation of wisdom from Buffy Rennie and I working this out over many years.

1. This is not a training exercise. The horses do not have to go through that mud puddle 25 times.
2. Yes, a 5 hour ride is too long.
3. This is not the time to see if you can go up or down that cliff side you always wanted to try.
4. If you have a friend that can not stop talking… this is not the ride to invite her on.
5. He does not want to talk about horses, your mother or pretty much everything you talk to your girl friends about.
6. Unless he is ripping the bit out of the horses mouth, this is not the time to critique every queue he makes.
7. Try to make the view better then the rear end of your horse  🏇  the entire time.
8. Bourbon and cigars are encouraged. For bonus points, light his cigar for him.
9. Smiling at him and mentioning he looks like Clint Eastwood, John Wayne or Kurt Russell is strongly encouraged.
10. Offering to massage his sore parts afterwards will insure he will be a steady riding partner from that day on.


This seems to be universally accepted by most men.  Some will substitute tequila for bourbon or beef jerky for cigars, but don’t try and light the beef jerky.  Understand this, if he decides to ride with you, it is because he is saying he generally cares about you and is trying to show it.  It does not mean he has finally come over to your horse  🏇 crazy addiction.  Take it for what it is, he loves you and wants to spend time with you.  If he has to do that on the back of  a horse 🏇, then okay he is willing to do that… this time.