So, are you wondering what this Design Discovery Meeting (DDM) is all about?  This is where our training and experience come into play to help you to interpret your PathMaker assessment results.  We cover all of your significant PathMaker assessment results and we explain them to you in plain English.  You should book at least an hour for your evaluation.

This process will actually surprise you and it is not uncommon for your emotions to come to the surface.  Why?  Most people go through life not really being seen, understood or valued for who they are.  When that happens in your DDM, it can be surprising.  For all of those reasons, we do most of the DDM evaluations privately.  We can conduct the DDM in your home (if you are local) or via our Web Conferencing tool for out of town clients.  We do strongly encourage that you invite a close family member, or friend, to be a silent observer and to be a resource for you to get third party confirmation.

The Construct Pieces Of Your DDM


Your Motivated Role

The Motivated Role reveals what will motivate you to get involved in a group effort (complimentary construct).  It can also reveal at what point you are no longer motivated to invest your energies.  It is often also a clear indicator of how other’s motivated role will cause you conflict and friction.  Here is a LinkedIn article that discusses the Motivated Role further.  Motivated Role Article

Your Impact Style

The Impact Style reveals how you are designed to influence a group effort (complimentary construct).  It can also reveal that there are others that have conflicting Impact Styles that really rub you the wrong way.  It is often also a clear indicator of possible tweaks.  Tweaks can show up as the following negative behaviors; passive aggressive, manipulation, obsessive restrictive or obsessive compulsive.  Here is a LinkedIn article that discusses the Impact Style further.  Impact Style Article

Your Temperaments

The Temperaments reveal how you are designed to think (compatibility construct).  It can also reveal why you just cannot understand where certain people are coming from.  You will find that many of your friends have similar Temperament designs as you do (birds of a feather).  Here is a LinkedIn article that discusses the Temperaments further.  Temperaments Article

Interests, Abilities and Values

The Interests, Abilities and Values are where we identify what areas you need to gravitate towards, how you will participate and why it is so very, very important for you to pursue them.  This is where we get your Personal Purpose Statement.  It is your personal life choice compass and is really a priceless gift for you to embrace.

In Closing

Our program is simple and extremely cost effective, compared to the cost of broken relationships, poor business decisions, wasted college tuition and the general dissatisfaction that many people seem to settle for in life.  For corporate clients we can conduct a Design Discovery Meeting (DDM) for one of your members as a proof of concept.   Let us help you.  What have you got to lose?  Please contact us for a list of our consulting fees and to schedule your DDM.



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