I spent a day of pointless purpose
In search of truth on aimless courses
Off a ways, melancholy bells rang
So I wandered to where those sirens sang
Until I stopped at a place of worship
The final goal of successful courtship

The doors where opened invitingly wide
So I decided to enter and stepped inside
The church was empty with no one insight
But throughout the room danced diffracted light
I had to look up to find where the light began
That’s where I found the Stained Glass man

He radiated down with his stoic face
The silent guardian over this Holy place
I sat down to watch the rainbows run
From this long dead Saint powered by the sun
His eyes were steadfast with a hint of a smile
As if he expected me and had been waiting a while

We communed in silence on that sunny day
No words were spoken, at least in an audible way
I sat and studied that rainbow man
Each chard of glass placed carefully by hand
I noticed his rough surface after close inspection
It caused the sun to waltz in unimaginable direction

It was then in silence, my spirit spoke to me
There was much more here for me to see
A truth for me was revealed from inside
An important secret the silent man would confide
The beauty he shared wasn’t his to imbue
It only happened because he let the Son shine through

What ever course this Saint had trod
It was long before planned by a loving God
I now have but one strong  desire
To be just like that man set on fire
To know God’s will and the joy
By using my gifts in His employ

You see this is what we’re here to do
To live our lives so the Son shines through.


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Stained Glass Man