Before Isagenix I weighed in at 150 pounds, ever day would be exhausted by 3 PM and just felt lousy. The amazing thing is I didn’t realized it until I was into the 30 Day Cleanse the first few weeks. I began to have more energy and I lost a few pounds. I was seeing results and was greatly encouraged but that’s not why I began all of this in the first place.*

My husband, John has struggled with weight for the past 15+ years. He injured his knee and was uncomfortable and immobile. He had surgery but he had gained weight and slowed down because of it. He was frustrated I helped him with diets such as Atkins, South Beach and strict calorie counting. These all had results but as soon as he quit, he would go back to his regular habits and gain most of the weight back. Clearly these wouldn’t work as they weren’t maintainable.

In October of 2014 while vacationing in Oregon, an evening walk on the beach became an uncomfortably painful and embarrassing situation for John. Previous to our trip he had injured his foot and as we tried to ascend the sand dune back to our condo he could not walk without excruciating pain. He ended up crawling up the dune.

That was it. We had to make a change. Our friends in California had started using Isagenix a few years prior and had spoken with us a few times about it but I always pushed the conversation away and changed the subject. I approached them and asked them more specific information and within a week we had our products and began this journey.

Now back to present day. I started this to help my husband thinking he was the one that had the issues and not myself but in the process began to see that I was overweight and not happy with my body. Transformation came quick. I felt amazing, more energy, and the pounds continued to be released.*

We have found this to be a lifestyle that has changed us physically and mentally. I have gained so much more confidence and see such change in John as well. I dabbled with the idea of trying to get our products paid for, but finding the time was difficult as I run our small ranch, take care of our disabled son, head up Women’s Ministry at our church and work part-time as a bookkeeper for our Software business. In July this year we decided that we would give it a go, the two of us. We have worked together for the past 20 + years so doing this together has been fairly easy. With some amazing support from our upline we are slowly learning and earning.*

I have found in this past year that not only has my body been transformed but I have gained confidence and want the world to have what we have found.

Thank you Isagenix!!

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