I wrote this in May of 2014


I had been disappointed in not writing any poetry for a while.  And then one Sunday afternoon in 2014 came this unexpected surprise.  This is filled with personal imagery, so don’t worry if you don’t get it.  Be well.


The day is new and just turned blue
A cold breeze enrobes him off the water
This is the day he knew  before it was due
This day he steps, those steps won’t falter

With cold conviction he waits
Anticipation drawing beads of sweat
Its a wonder in a world of fates
He knew before he could forget

A familiar voice he waits to hear
One that he never heard before
It’s not a voice to cause him fear
But one that ignites his inner core

Like a newborn he needs to wait
Till his  Father gives him the word
Those first steps that perpetuate
A flame that roars to one accord

So from within the flicker grows
And his foot is raised in purpose
Engulfed in joy his soul bestows
Blessings for some, the evil curse

Aflamed he walks not consumed
And spreads the promised vow
A prescient word perfumed
Now is the time, the time  is now.

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