Wow! This summer has been whizzing by. So many fun times and lots of friend times. We have been camping, traveling and enjoying  just being home. North Idaho is at it’s finest in the summer. In fact, my belief is we should NEVER leave the area from May to October. Though I love the winter, spring to autumn are truly when North Idaho puts on her show.

Summer in Idaho 1 Summer in Idaho 2

I have given you a bit of a teaser about my Straw Bale Garden but haven’t really kept you up to date. These are pictures that I took back in early July of the progress.

IMG_20160712_153412771 IMG_20160712_153418516 IMG_20160712_153428642 IMG_20160712_153336197 IMG_20160712_153343762 IMG_20160712_153350337 IMG_20160716_100010667 IMG_20160716_100036574 IMG_20160712_153432546

If you can notice, I know you can, there is a very lot of grass growing off the bales. One thing that was recommended by straw bale garden growers, is to make sure the straw farmer had gleaned most of the wheat seed out of the straw before baling. In my case, he did not and there is plenty of seed still remaining and now growing grass throughout the veggys. But guess what? Bonus, daily I would pull bunches of the grass and throw it to the chickens and they were none to happy to dispose of the unwanted wheat grass.

IMG_20160710_154605708 IMG_20160710_154600533

Since the above photos were taken I have been picking regularly, beets, green beans, zucchini, tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. The weather has been a lot cooler than normal the tomatoes have been rather shy and have yet to hit their peak. I am somewhat thankful as we were gone for a week in mid August and I thought for sure I was going to miss my luscious tomato crop.

IMG_20160824_080729840 IMG_20160824_080735274 IMG_20160824_080744930 IMG_20160824_080748001 IMG_20160824_080826874 IMG_20160824_080835192 IMG_20160824_080838439 IMG_20160824_080844419 IMG_20160824_080651498 IMG_20160824_080709387 IMG_20160824_080712988  IMG_20160824_080748001 IMG_20160824_080759197 IMG_20160824_080815341 IMG_20160824_080824095  IMG_20160824_080838439

Interesting note: There are “extra” tomato plants popping up around the bales and outside the garden. They appear to be the pear shaped cherry tomatoes that we buy often at the grocery store. My theory is that since I give the chickens all of our leftover, soft and rotting veggys, they must have been given a lot of these and the seeds came through their system or they just were spread by scratching. Either way another bonus!!


This should get you all up to date on the progress of the Straw Bale Garden 2016. All in all what I like the best so far is the lack of weed pulling. They are few and far between. Next year, more bales and more veggys and start a lot earlier.

Thanks for checkin’ in!!

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