Okay, I feel it necessary to expound upon how I see our faith and our improved health working hand in hand. I want to explain how I see this as covert evangelism. So, give me a little lee way here and your feedback below.

Since early on with our nutritional food business, I felt the frustration of trying to convey to those that were unhealthy, like I was, what it felt like to feel good again. I presumed they thought it was hype or a sales pitch. I needed to build trust and a relationship with many of you based upon trust. I became transparent. I gave up my privacy and I wrote about my deepest fears, my hurts, my pains, my failures and my faith. The person you see on FB, is me. Many of you that have never met me before, have hugged me like a brother when we meet in real life. You do know me, because I have appeared on FB as transparent as possible. Words are my Love Language and I have shared myself through that love language.

I quickly realized that it was like a born again believer, trying to explain to a non-believer what it was like to have the Holy Spirit. In fact, I wrote a recent article on our website about the difference between Knowing and Understanding. The problem is that in many cases, I could not even get them to understand, let alone know what I was feeling. I had to demonstrate our results and live out my faith in Isagenix. I had to walk the walk.

Some of you reading this now, where just like that. You were very skeptical, but for some reason you trusted Buffy and I. I cherish you because you encouraged us to keep going. I also applaud you on your success. Not just for your own great results, but because you took a step of faith, based upon your trust / faith in our integrity and you were rewarded for it. That is how we evangelize. It is how we are told to live our lives as Christians and how we help the most people with Isagenix. We be as real as we possibly can. We let our lights shine.

Here is the bridge between being a professional network marketer and covert Christian evangelism. If you can trust us with your age, weight and other health issues (your flesh), our advice works for you and you are rewarded with good health, maybe you would be willing to listen to us about our Jesus. Certainly you can not be my FB friend, without hearing about the love of Christ, my faith in my Father and the presence of the Holy Spirit. You have all been exposed to the Gospel, through my Isagenix evangelism on FB. Those of you that have become client / friends might now be willing to hear me talk about my Savior. I might have earned a little trust in your life.

What is the payoff? Your improved health. Your eternal salvation. Your personal joy that you helped others achieve the same. You see, I personally rejoice with the stories of John, Chuck, Sue, Jenny, Jenn, Debbie, Emily, Erin and so many more. It is based upon the success of these Christian team mates, that Buffy and I are building this business.

We have room for believers and non-believers on our team. I want to convert you all to Isagenix, but I will not hide the fact that it is your spirit I want to heal the most. Trust us with improving your health. Then, let me tell you about my Jesus.

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