On May 13, 2016 Lil’ Joe is turning 9. I cannot believe how the years have flown by.
He is literally a dream come true for me. Since I was raised around the ponies and horses I always dreamed of “making” a foal.
Circumstances allowed for me to carry out the dream in early 2005. Lacey, my 5 year old mare who is an amazing horse in so many ways was now old enough and John said okay. So I started looking for the “perfect” stallion. Since Lacey is a American Paint Horse with limited color, I wanted to find a stallion that would bring out more color. Most of all I wanted a stallion that had a great disposition and that was my number one priority.
I ended up finding Kenos Riverdance. John and I drove out to look at him. I was sold at first sight but watching his quiet behavior made him perfect.
Screenshot (5) Now the choice was made, I just needed to wait for the next spring. So in May of 2006 we had our local veterinarian artificially insemination Lacey. She got pregnant and now the wait was on. 11 months of very nervous Buffy. I read all I could, talked to other horse breeders, I knew it all and was a FREAK about everything. That is another story for another day.
Eleven months later Lil’ Joe was born. Lacey waited for me to be there that sunny Mothers Day morning.
Family was visiting and Maegan Rennie, our daughter-in-law, captured it amazingly on video. I am posting the version without the original sound here, but check out the full version on my Facebook page. Click on the highlighted words below to show you the video.
Here is my handsome boy today. I am so very proud yet humbled that I have been so blessed beyond what I EVER could have imagined or deserve. Praise God for all His wonderful blessings.
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