I Can’t Afford It

If you were to start our nutritional food program, what two meals would you replace with our product?  Breakfast and dinner, lunch and dinner or breakfast and lunch?  How much do you spend on those meals each and every day? Those two meals are going to cost you somewhere between $9.00 to $22.00 plus a day.  Add in junk food at convenience stores, Starbucks or snacks that are available at work and home.  How much does that cost you?

Here is the take away.  You can replace those moderately healthy to completely unhealthy foods with something that makes you feel better.  For $10.00 to $20.00 per day, you can start our program.  Whether you want to lose weight, have more energy, sleep better, need to fight the effects of aging or you want greater mental clarity.  The scientific research that backs these products does all the hard work for you.  The professional consulting that is unaffordable for most people, is built into these nutritional cleansing products. These superfoods eliminate toxins and cleanse your body, that is why you will feel better on the inside, long before you look great on the outside.

If you need to lose weight, need more energy or just want to feel physically better, Isagenix is for you.  If this article can be helpful to someone you  know, feel free to share it.   If you want more info on our nutritional foods program, then call or email Buffy or me.  Be well.

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