Now I Know Better

A while back I posted an article that discussed my perceived parallelism between nutrition and my relationship with Christ.  Before I go much further, those caveats and cautions are also in effect in this article.  Okay, I am now talking to the 10 remaining people.

Back in the summer of 2015, I had a blast at the Sandpoint Music Festival.  We saw Ziggy Marley, Vince Gill and others.  We stayed at a B&B on the lake and had marvelous breakfasts.  We bought lots of yummy food at Winterridge Market.  We also bought festival food.  We brought wine and bought drinks at the festival.  To end things Sunday night, we had a BBQ at a friends house.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  Now sad to say, this is not that unusual of a weekend for me.  There was one big EXTRA CATCH I inflicted on myself.  While we were at Winterridge, I saw this beautiful loaf of Chaballa bread.  It was golden brown and screamed out to me, I AM YUMMY!  So I bought it.

A few years ago I drastically reduced my wheat intake.  I was having stomach issues and acid reflux.  It was messing with my sleep, until I related it to wheat.  I reduced the wheat and the stomach problems went away.  Sunday morning, between the 100% caffeine coffee and the loaf of bread we ate over 2 days and all of the other above items, I started to feel ill.  Not the acid reflux stuff, not a hang over and not a bug.  I just felt nauseous and sluggish.

It took me a while to figure out what was happening, but here is my conclusion. MY BODY SAID THAT IS ENOUGH! It said, playing a little is fine, but I am not going to go back to what I used to feel like. Since we started our nutritional cleansing food, my body has gotten accustomed to feeling good. It had forgotten what that was like, but it now knows. Now when I over indulge, it says no more. Feed me right or I am going to make you feel miserable again.

Now, here is the corollary to my Christian faith. When I sin, which is often, the Holy Spirit does the exact same thing to my spirit. My soul listens and I repent and ask for forgiveness. With my nutrition, my body says not again. It does not want it anymore. My soul then listens and I repent and I go back to our nutritional food.

Here is the take away. You do not know how bad you truly feel, until you feel better. You need light, to appreciate darkness. You need heat, to appreciate cold. You need to start to feel better, to appreciate how bad you truly do feel. My body said it was done with feeling bad. It told me clearly Sunday morning, no more. I have learned to listen to it.

Just like there is no way I am, if I could, turn from Christ. There is no way I want to go back to that sad man that had to crawl up a sand dune in Pacific City Oregon. That man was in pain and was sick. This man is vibrant, youthful, vigorous and happy. You need to start to feel better. You deserve it. Do it for you.

If this article can be helpful to someone you  know, feel free to share it.   If you want more info on our nutritional foods program, then call or email Buffy or me.  Be well.

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JR & Buffy 8 2015