“I now have to take my wedding dress in.”*

“I am down 20 pounds without exercising in less than a month.”*

“He has energy to play with the boys after work!”*

“I am in a size 14!!!!”*

“My waist is down from 49 inches to 41 inches”*

“I am opening up boxes of clothes I have not worn in years!”*

“I am way past my goal weight!”*

“I am down 30 pounds in 8 weeks!”*

I posted the meme above this week and my answer is really “Yes, I am!”. For the first time, in a very long time, I really feel like I am helping people. People reach out to us about our nutritional food program, they extend faith to us, they trust us and then they have the success like they do above. Those are all quotes from our clients just this year. I love what I am doing, because I am helping people to realize their dreams. I am part of restoring hope in their lives. I am making a difference.*

Buffy Rennie and I love what we are doing. Not only do we love the results for our own health, but the most rewarding is what it is doing in other people’s lives. Thank you God for allowing us to participate in this business and in our friends successes. Be well.

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