I will say up front I sleep soundly, nearly every night.  This is normal for me, but I know it is not normal for many of you.  In fact, my wife and most of her family do not sleep well.  She fell asleep, woke up easily and then had a hard time falling back to sleep.  Is this you?  If so then listen up, there is help.*

You might fall into one or more of the following categories.  Let me know which one.

  1. Stress related anxiety not allowing you to fall asleep.  (This is me every so often)*
  2. Acid reflux due to stomach / diet issues.  (This was also me before I eliminated most wheat)*
  3. Your partner snores loudly (This was Buffy, since I was the snorer)*
  4. Infrequent sound sleep, waking up easily and not able to go back to sleep.  (This was Buffy)*
  5. Diet related anxiousness / nervousness due to caffeine or sugar (Also me when I made poor eating choices after 6 pm)*

As you can tell, our family has first hand experience in all of these areas.  They are behind us now and mostly because of our diet.*

  1. Stress – Our diet eliminates the chemicals and toxins that add to it.  I give most of the glory of this though to my faith in Jesus (truth).*
  2. Acid reflux – Refined white flour was the cause of this in me.*
  3. Snoring – My weight loss has eliminated this.  Just ask Buffy.*
  4. Restless sleep – Both Buffy and John report sleeping the best they have in years.  The only change is their diet.*
  5. Diet choices – It is just not a good idea to have chocolate ice cream before bed.  This is just me making better choices.*

So, who do you know that needs help in this area?

  1. Your spouse.
  2. Your friend.
  3. A family member.
  4. A co-worker.
  5. You.

Share this post with them.  Suggest a friend request from us.  I am genuinely sympathetic to those that are robbed of a good night sleep.  It saddened me to see my wife tired in the morning, especially if it was due to my snoring.  But no more.  We are both sleeping the best we ever had.  Same bed, same pillow and we sleep in the same room.  The only difference is the loss of weight and our diet.  A good night sleep is a major part of weight loss.  Your body is rebuilding and healing itself while you sleep.  It can’t do that if you are pacing the floor.*

If you want to learn more, then call or email Buffy or me to find out more about our nutritional food program.

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