Portion Control

This is one of my biggest challenges.  I love to eat.  My wife is an amazing cook.  I have a wide and diverse appetite.  I love pot luck meals.  I love buffets.  I love brunches.  I love endless chips and salsa.  I love church socials.  When you add all of that up, and then you make things worse with poor self control, you get to 255+ pounds.  I truly hated being 250 pounds.  Something had to change.

I am a repeat offender when it comes to poor portion control.  I heap food on my plate like I am still 18.  I want to eat like I did when I was playing soccer all week long.  I want to ignore the consequences.  Something had to change.

Here is the take away.  You might need an intervention.  At home, Buffy usually prepares my plate.  I realize I should be a big boy and be able to do it myself, but I have proven to fail at this.  Did I mention she is an amazing cook?  I know what I put on my plate will taste good and is usually good for me, but not to the portions I choose.  The irony of this is that I am often satisfied with the portion she gives me.  But if I put it on my plate, I have to eat it.  That is why I need extra help here.

Here are some of my ways of dealing with this.  Let me know if it helps you.

  1. Avoid Mexican restaurants.  Those endless chips and salsa are a fat trap.
  2. Avoid Buffets and brunches.  Limit your pot luck and church social events.
  3. Just share appetizers at the restaurant and no entree.
  4. Ask for help from a spouse or friend with your choices.  Give them permission to intervene.
  5. Split a meal at the restaurant.

Obviously it is best to simply have self control, but if you are like me, perhaps some of the above will help you.  Buffy and I have found that if we stick to our nutritional food program Monday through Friday afternoon, that we can splurge a little on the weekend.  We do not stick 100% to our nutritional food program 7 days a week, but allow ourselves to relax things on the weekend.  I have lost 38 pounds doing this.*  Of course, I could already be at my goal weight if I did it 7 days a week.  I might choose that at some point in the future, but not now.*

If this article can be helpful to someone you  know, feel free to share it.   If you want more info on our nutritional foods program, then call or email Buffy or me.  Be well.

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