I do this.  I eat and drink my feelings.  If I am frustrated, anxious, upset, exhausted or overwhelmed I eat / drink my feelings.  I feel entitled, after what I went through.  I feel I can control this small part of my life, when other things are out of control.  I enjoy comfort foods and I get temporary comfort in the process.  I do this, even though I am fully aware it is not my best choice for my health or life.

I have to do our nutritional food program, because those tendencies are still very present.  My weekends are often a period of overcompensating for the stresses of each week.  I use our program, as a way to balance my weight gain.  It is not unusual for me to gain 10 pounds over a weekend and then lose it again by Friday morning.  I am doing this, until I get better emotional control of myself.  I love our nutritional food program, but it is a band-aid, for now.*

In the course of helping many people with our nutritional food program, I have learned I am not alone.  I have helped people who have lost children, lost spouses, lost control and have suffered losses I never want to feel.  They ate their feelings too.  They did exactly what I did.  The pain was too much, so they lost hope.  I get that.

So, now  we get to the part as to why I am now sharing our nutritional food program.  I had to use it, without promoting it, for 9 months to be sure.  I needed to believe in the program and believe that these results were achievable for everyBODY.  I needed that assurance first.  Why?  God has gifted me in leadership and the ability to communicate from a position of truth and confidence.  If I were to misuse those gifts, I am certain it would not please God and He would make His displeasure known in my life.  I would get a whoopin’ from God.

If I am going to promote, encourage and lead others to use this program, I better be damned certain it will work.  That is why I waited 9 months before I started to share it.  I am certain this program will work for virtually everBODY that gives it a honest effort.  I believe it is that confidence that I now have, and the sincere position I share from, is why our business has grown.  Buffy and I truly feel fortunate to help people that really want to help themselves.*

If you are still reading this and you are wondering if you should give our program a try, then let me give you what you need.  LET ME GIVE YOU HOPE.  You see, I share from confidence, integrity and results.  I know it will  work and I have enough faith in our program for both of us.  If you have any unforeseen results, then you have a 30 day money back guarantee to use at your discretion.  Join us.  We will not let you down.*

Please phone or email Buffy or me if we can help you.  Go look at the before and after pictures Buffy and I have posted.  You can do this and we can help you to succeed.  The choice is yours.*

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