noun \ˈtri-(ˌ)byüt, -byət\
: something that you say, give, or do to show respect or affection for someone
: something that proves the good quality or effectiveness of something

Diddier was noble.  Not in your classic elegant manner.  He was noble in the gentle giant fashion.  So large, but graceful around our young granddaughters.  A steadfastness that you knew he would always have your back.  He had just entered into his adult years at 4.  The suddenness of his passing has caught us all by surprise.  There is a blanket of sadness in our home.  I guess we don’t want to believe it has happened.  I leave you with these final words.

My words seem a poor tribute
Though I pick them with love and care
Shock and sadness make me mute
I stoically accept, while my heart cries out unfair.

I still expect you to come if I call
Though your steps we will no longer hear
If you could you would nudge me with your paw
To silently dry each and every tear.

So on we go without you at our side
No  matter how strong our denial
In our memories you now stride
And they all leave me with a smile.

Goodbye friend.  Good boy Diddi!  We love you.

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