A 2 Month Commitment Cannot Undo a Life of Poor Choices

Before taking on our nutritional food program, I went through the gamete of fad and drastic diets. I was able to stick with most of them for a few months. Here is a partial list of some of my efforts.

  1. Complete Food Fasting for 4 days a week. Debi Beebe absolutely hated this one.
  2. Lemonade and Cayenne Pepper Juice Fast. Debi Beebe hated this one too.
  3. Atkins Diet
  4. South Beach Diet
  5. Peak Biggest Loser

I was able to do each one of those for 2 to 4 months, but at no point while I was doing them did I say, I could do this forever. I could force myself and dig up enough self-discipline for 2 months, but it was never going to be permanent.

Here is the take away. We have been doing our nutritional food program since October 2014. We started through the end of year holidays. I can see us doing this for life. Yes, we fall off the wagon, but back to shakes, back to a cleanse and we are back on track. This has already happened to us a few times already (pre-Cancun and such). No problem, you pickup where you left off and you are soon back where you need to be.

If any of these posts have sounded like things you have tried and attempted, please contact Buffy Rennie or me for more info. We can help you get where you want to be health wise. I have literally tried them all. Benefit from my experience and say yes.

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