Some of you probably do not realize, or remember, that Buffy and I won a local Biggest Loser contest just back in 2014. I learned a lot about myself and weight loss during that contest and the subsequent time afterward. I want to share what I learned, because I think it applies to everyone and you might understand why I love our nutritional food program so much more. So here goes.

What I learned from winning the Biggest Loser #1

I believe that spin classes and lunges are specific forms of torture from hell. Okay, I know some of you guys love these things (you are called masochists), but for me it was torture. I hated it, so once the BL was over, I was never going to do it again.

Here is the take away. What ever form of exercise you do, you have to find one that has a real calorie burn, but is fun for you. If you do not enjoy your exercise, you will stop doing it. For me, racquetball is fun and I do not have to force myself to go. I have friends there, so it is also social. I have no problems pushing myself on the court and I get a huge calorie burn every time I play.

Since we switched to these super foods, I have also noticed a couple other things on the racquetball court. My reflexes are quicker, my speed of thought and anticipation, I can cover the court much better and playing 6 games is a light workout. I can only attribute this to the super foods. That is the only thing that has changed in my life.*

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