You can not out work a bad diet? (Thanks Debi Beebe for this one)

So I won the BL with a weight of 213.8, though I had dangerously dehydrated myself to get there. Did I mention I can be very competitive? Over the course of the next few months I ultimately got down to 206 and then gradually settled around 212.*

My diet changed from what I was doing to win the BL. It morphed into a healthy, but not complete and often naughty eating. This worked, along with playing racquetball for about 9 months. Then the racquetball injuries came, I could not play and in about 2 months I got up to 235. The naughty diet won, since I could not work out the way I wanted to.

Here is the take away. This was the trigger to move to the super foods. Buffy thought it would help with my joints (the RB injuries) and it did. Within 5 months I was down to 194 (pre-Cancun). We did this over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and did not say no to every goodie that was before us.*

I am still occasionally getting hurt playing, but my recovery is in days, not months. My energy, my quickness and reflexes are close to when I was a teenaged athlete. Other players are stopping me and asking me what is going on, or simply applauding my successes on the court. I am playing the best racquetball of my life. The only difference the last 9 months is this nutritional food program. By the way, I am still way below my winning BL weight from 2014.*

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JR & Buffy Better in 2016