Keep It Simple Student

To lose weight you must control your diet, see (BL #2 Can’t outwork a bad diet). The BL training staff encouraged us to eat healthy and gave us strict calorie levels to reach each day. To accomplish this, they suggested a website called, which we used to enter in the calorie burn and intake we had for each and every meal. If you wanted something more complicated / interesting then a medium sized apple, you had to enter the recipe. That is each ingredient and the measurement of that ingredient. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH TIME THAT TOOK? This was just not realistic.

Here is the take away. Our nutritional program requires me to take two scoops into a shaker, with 8 oz of water and add optional ice. They even provide the scoop. It takes me all of 3 minutes to make. This is not only easy, but very fast and allows me to take complete care of my nutrition, but then quickly get on with the rest of my day.

Ladies have much more patience for calorie counting then guys do. Guys, if you are calorie counting, point counting or recording into a website your daily nutrition, you are likely going to give up. If your lunch at work is opening a pre-measured packet of a shake and adding water, you have a chance of sticking with it.

If you have more questions, please contact Buffy Stewart Rennie or me for more info. It’s your waistline, your health and your money. You can make the best decision for you, today.

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